Take Advantage of VinMotion: We’re Better Than Ever in 2022

Automated technology is the new secret weapon of the vehicle dealership industry. 

Many elements of your dealership that are currently handled by employees can—and should—now be operated by software. You know adopting these technologies saves you time and money. It keeps you neck-in-neck with the competition. Plus, it leaves your employees free to do what humans do best—build relationships with your customer base in the way only people can do. 

One of these ever-evolving technologies? Inventory management software. 

Over the past eighteen months, the inventory management software experts at VinMotion®️ have continued to evolve and update our platform. Our claim? We’re the reliable, innovative, far-reaching dealership inventory management technology you cannot do without. And we’re here to prove it.

What new improvements has VinMotion®️ made? 

If there is anything about VinMotion®️ that we’re the most proud of, it’s how well we listen to our users’ feedback. Since the inception of VinMotion®️, we have been growing and adapting to meet the various needs of dealers like you. 

So when a few clients shared that they thought some elements of our platform were “clunky,” we took immediate action. Previously, we revamped the entire VinMotion®️ interface, creating a sleeker, more seamless, user-friendly platform that is easy to use.

Because of these improvements, VinMotion’s award-winning IMS interface is now more intuitive than ever before. Our valuable technology—giving your dealership widespread data distribution and a strong presence in the online inventory marketplace—is streamlined in a way that makes it simple for even the least tech-savvy of your employees to use.

With VinMotion®️ you can immediately pinpoint buyers as they peruse that vast ocean of vehicle options, and, using enhanced vehicle merchandising tools, you can direct their interest toward your prominently displayed inventory with just a few clicks.

VinMotion®️ is more accessible than ever.

DS_VAutoBlogNothing matters more than time when it comes to staying ahead of the competition. With VinMotion’s new mobile inventory functionality, you can add and update vehicle information, pricing, and other options from wherever you are. 

As buyer trends shift in the 21st century, you’re well aware that the vast majority of consumers have done extensive research on which vehicle they’d like to purchase before stepping foot onto your lot. A number of them never even come in person at all. 

Because of this, VinMotion®️ has made it a priority to provide a fully immersive experience for the online buyer.

By offering 360° photos, detailed walk-around videos, specs, and links to additional resources like independent reviews and blogs, VinMotion®️ is here to help you build a trusting relationship with your buyers before they ever meet you in person.

These are just some of the new, dealer-forward, buyer-centric adaptations made by VinMotion®️. We remain dedicated to providing you with a fully functional dealer toolset that is guaranteed to impress your customers and optimize your accessibility from the moment you join. 

We’re driven by (and a better deal than) the competition.

It would be silly to claim that we’re not aware of our competition. But beyond user receptivity, another one of VinMotion’s stand-out qualities is that we know exactly how and why our technology is better than the others in our field.

Not only are we aware of the competition, but VinMotion®️ uses that awareness to improve our product. We look at competitors’ strengths and weaknesses and use that data to constantly innovate. 

And how are we better? Allow us to brag. 

Unlike other software platforms that have two separate systems for managing new and used vehicles, VinMotion is a one-stop shop for all of your inventory. Separating these features not only adds both time and work for your employees on the back-end, but it also makes the technology less intuitive for the buyers. 

VinMotion®️ has successfully streamlined our search process so that everything the buyer could possibly need is accessible to them through one simple-to-use platform.

Another reason we’re a better choice? Our unbeatable price points.

Other inventory software companies charge between $1,200 and $1,500 a month for a less comprehensive, less user-friendly service. VinMotion®️, on the other hand, offers a better value product for nearly half the price.

When it comes down to it, VinMotion®️ is a no-brainer for any dealer who is looking to switch over to a superior IMS provider while simultaneously saving money in the process. 

So what does your Dealership look like with VinMotion®️?   

At the end of the day, there are only so many facts and figures that can convince a responsible dealer to make the leap to a better business strategy. 

The auto industry is changing at an accelerating pace, and that reality will only continue to widen the gap between dealerships that are prepared, and dealerships that are hesitant to take the leap. It really comes down to where you see your business heading in the future. Just think of how much the dealership industry has changed in only two years. 

If you’re a hard-hitter in your field, ready to adapt to what’s best for your business, take VinMotion®️ for a test drive today.


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