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Dealer Specialties® Prepares For The 2019 Used Car Market With Vinmotion

Expanded data sets and improved design mean better inventory management for auto


Norfolk, Va. – Dealer Specialities®, a division of Dominion Dealer Solutions, is releasing VinMotion™, a new dealer inventory management software. This new software combines a new, highly usable interface with all of the management and merchandising software features dealers expect today.

January 9, 2019

The new platform, called VinMotion™, combines speed and user intuition and is one of the most unique on the market. By implementing an effective UX strategy, dealers can improve how they acquire inventory and merchandise their vehicles.

“We are constantly reevaluating our technology at Dominion and believe that user experience is a core competitive advantage for any business, not just ours,” said Shane Marcum, vice president of Dealer Specialties, “Today VinMotion became the best inventory solution on the market because of our improved UX.”

Herbert Simon, Professor of Psychology at Carnegie-Mellon University says “There are no judgments in design thinking. This eliminates the fear of failure and encourages maximum input and participation.”

In addition to the redesign, the company has increased their level of access with Vast, a data company based out of Austin, TX. This access will bring a more competitive data set and will allow for more accurate vehicle pricing. Not only will this help dealers appraise vehicles for their true market value, but also it will help them list and sell used vehicles for a higher profit.

Beginning in June 2019, Dominion will start a phased rollout converting current inventory customers to VinMotion. For more information on VinMotion email

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