Product Spotlight: LiveLot® - Dealer Specialties

Product Spotlight: LiveLot®

LiveLot is a dealership video service designed to increase traffic, leads, and time spent on site.

Unveiled April 20th, 2017, this responsive video marketing platform provides full-service video marketing strategies to automotive dealers. The service can be purchased independently or in conjunction with other Dealer Specialties services and products.

Thanks to LiveLot, dealerships have succeeded in gaining:

  • A 350% increase in website leads
  • The ability to turn vehicles 7 days faster
  • Shoppers who arrive at the dealership more informed and ready to buy
  • Increased site traffic
  • Increased time spent on website
  • Increased sales

When a dealership purchases LiveLot, they not only receive video services from creation to online distribution, they also gain access to a platform which houses their video assets and allows them create or modify video content as desired and engage with additional marketing tools.


  • Professionally shot and produced video of each vehicle in the dealer’s inventory
  • Video distribution to major sites of dealership’s choice
  • Video upload to dealership’s SRPs and VDPs
  • Video Ads promoting the dealership
  • Large Video Player
  • Live Video Upload
  • Platform allows dealerships to easily create personalized video email greetings.
  • Mobile App so dealership owners/managers can update from their phone
  • Customer engagement tracking and reporting

What makes LiveLot’s videos so engaging? They meet the customer’s need for information with quality video content.

Video features:

  • HTML 5 Video TTS or HVO formats
  • Exterior walkarounds & Interior views
  • Dynamic overlays highlighting key vehicle features
  • Video stabilization
  • Custom Voice Over
  • CARFAX integration
  • CarStory integration provides insights on key selling points for various models

In addition to a wide variety of features and services, dealerships can choose between full-service packages as well as DIY. Dealers have the option to use the LiveLot platform to manage their video assets and create dealership ads and video email messages beyond the professionally produced vehicle inventory videos.

LiveLot Dealership Video Services is a valuable asset to dealerships. The video content alone is a huge time-saver and sales-driver, yet the service is so much more as it also features a platform designed to make online marketing and video creation easy for dealerships while still giving them control over content.

Interested in learning more about LiveLot Dealership Video Services? Download our LiveLot Case Study or schedule a demo now!

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